JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS     Vol.23  No.4     January 2013


1.Context-oriented Data Acquisition and Integration Platform for Internet of Things
Yu-Ren Chen and Yeong-Sheng Chen For full article CEPS

2.Effective Balance of Mobile Education Clients in Mobile Environments
Ding-Jung Chiang, Chien-Liang Chen, and Ching-Sheng Wang For full article CEPS

3.White Blood Cell Nucleus Segmentation Based on Adaptive Threshold Detector
Der-Chen Huang, Kun-Ding Hung, and Yung-Kuan Chan For full article CEPS

4.An Mobile Positioning App Combines Smartphone Short Message Service and GPS
Rung-Shiang Cheng and Chih-Chun Yang For full article CEPS

5.The Impact Analysis of Patent Litigation for Mobile Service Interface Technology via Supply Chains in Taiwan
Hsing-Wen Wang and Hui-Wen Connie Chen For full article CEPS

6.Internet Jurisdiction Cases in the United States and Minimum Contacts
Chunhsien Sung For full article CEPS