February 24, 2018

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『電腦學刊(Journal of Computers)』Trusted Computing and Communications 特刊正式出刊

中華民國電腦學會『 電 腦 學 刊
第 20 卷第 3 期 中華民國 98 年 10 月  
(Trusted Computing and Communications 特刊)
JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS Vol.20 No.3 October 2009
(Special issue: Trusted Computing and Communications)

Min-Shiang Hwang and Chun-Ta Li

2.A Verifiable Identity-based RSA Multisignature Scheme for Mobile

Ya-Fen Chang, Po-Chun Chen, and Tse-Hsiang Chen

3. Using Proxy Signature for Dynamic Delegation in Grids
Chi-Tung Chen, Ming-Tsun Lin, and Iuon-Chang Lin

4. An Efficient and Secure Communication Scheme for Trusted Computing Environments
Chun-Ta Li

5. Trusted DRM on P2P Network
Chou-Chen Yang, Jyun-Yi Jiang, Ju-Chun Hsiao

6. Mobile Adhoc Network Security- A Cluster Based Approach
G. S. R. Emil Selvan, S. Sivagurunathan, P. Subathra, and S.Dina Nidhya

7. Enhancing the Scalability of Secure Wireless Multicast
V. Vasudevan and R. Sukumar

8. Privacy and Security Requirements for RFID Applications
Min-Shiang Hwang, Chia-Hui Wei, and Cheng-Yee Lee

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