February 22, 2018

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2009 National Computer Symposium (NCS 2009)

Organizer:Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering of National Taipei University
Co-Organizer:Department of Engineering and Applied Science of National Science Coucil、Institute of Information Science、Academia Sinica、Institute For Information Industry、Computer Society of The Republic of China、Institute of Information and Computing Machinery、National Center for High-Performance Computing、Information and Communication Research Labortories of Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan,R.O.C、Telecommunication Laboratories Chumghwa Telecom Co.,Ltd.、Chinese Cryptology and Information Security Association
Director:Ministry of Education

Symposium Information:
NCS is a national computer research seminar which has a long history,held once every two years,provide a good research forum for the progress of Taiwan academia and computer-related industry.Over the years NCS gathers nationally computer-related elites to do researchs of papers and science and communicate practical exerience.This year directed by Ministry of Education,2009 NCS is hosted by National Taipei University.With harmony care,innovation,and spirit of innovation,we hope to gather more experts,scholars,researchers to do academic communications,and must share experience with practically proffesional predecessors.Hope to open up and develop new areas and computer opportunities for more open,safe,efficient,universal computer technology to integrate the management of information technology and strengthen the system fo knowledge innovation.

Symposium Activities:
Time: 27-28 Nov. 2009
Location:National Taipei University
We will call for papers, invite domestic and foreign experts to have speechs,and present papers.
Activities of the symposium are as follows:
1.Subject speeches:provide well-known scholars and experts will be invited to communicate with participators.
2.Paper presentaton:Including oral presentation and poster presentation.(Including invitation and calling for paper)
3.NCS 2009 best paper prize:The best paper of the seminar(English paper) will be recommanded to publish in International Journal of Ad Hoc and ubiquitous Computing,IJAHUC).
4.Tutorial:Expected to hold 3-5 tutorials in the seminar by well-known experts and scholars.
5.Exhibition of industrial achievments:Hold exhibition of technical products and pioneering technology dissemination.
6.Policy discussion:Computer Center of Ministry of Education;「White paper」、「E-learning」(undetermined) and so on.