February 22, 2018

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Object-Oriented Technology and Applications 2009(OOTA 2009)

Organizer: TunHai University Computer Science Department、Institute of Information Science,Academia Sinica
Co-organizer:Hsiuping Institute of Technology、Engineering and Technology Promotion Centerm, National Science Council、Ministry of Education、Computer Sciety of The Republic of China

「OOTA」 is well equipped through the active participation of predecessors for many year,and contribute to the establishment of Object-Oriented Technology of Special Interest Group of Computer Society of The Republic of China.This is our 20th seminar and organized by TungHai University.Thanks for the continuous support and care from many scolars and experts.And for the expanded paritcipation,continuous presentation of experience report or paper at the seminar.The subjects of this seminar would be Obect-Oriented Technology and its applications of Knowledge Management,Information Technology,and Network Communication Technology.Call for writings publicly and examine anonymously. This year 「OOTA」 is hosted by TunHai University Computer Science Department.Besides the paper presentation and manufacturer show,domestic and foreign well-known scholars and experts will be invited to have lectures to discuss the current tendency of 「OOTA」.Brilliant content of the seminar can be expected. TungHai University campus is located in Taichung, Taiwan.National Highway NO.1、NO.3、Chung-Chang Expressway、Chao Ma Transfer Station are nearby.Extending in all directions.Dadu Mountain Technology Corridor consist of Central Taiwan Science Park,Taichung Industrial Park.We are located at the center position of Taichung,and close to Taichung Veterans General Hospital,Cheng Ching Hospital,have convenient transportation.Predecessors of academics and practitioners are welcome to participate in this annual seminar.

Time:20 Nov 2009(Friday)
Location:Tunghai University