February 22, 2018

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『Call for Article TWNIC! 』- Internet & Me !

Activity introduction
The development of internet makes information dissemination more instantaneous, convenient to know things around the world.In this internet generation, on your observation, what roles does internet play?And how does it change your life?
Or what else application services indispensable in your life accompany you to write your history?No matter the influences of development of internet technology or the articles about your new life with internet are welcome for you to transform it into beautiful words.Write a article about internet and share with everybody.

Activity content:
Articles are received from now to 16th Nov 2009 17:00.
Article rules:Set your topic by your own, but it must be related to internet and in traditional Chinese, the number of words are limited to 600~1500.And upload your article to the activity website,each person is limited to contribute one article.
Award notice:Winning works are going to be published on website and TWNIC related journals, and be rewarded with prizes and trophies, but no more payments for the article. Time and location of awarding ceremony will be notified to contributors later.