JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS     Vol.22  No.2     July 2011

Special issue on Design and Mining for Social-Aware Services

Guest Editors : 

Ming-Syan Chen and Wen-Chih Peng


Special Issue
     Ming-Syan Chen and Wen-Chih Peng
2. The Clustering of Hot Topics on Plurk
     Zong-Hua Yang and Hung-Yu Kao For full article CEPS
3CSM: A Framework of Recommendation System Combining Network Structure and Messages
     Bi-Ru Dai and Chang-Yi Lee For full article CEPS
4. Gaze-based Feedback in Assessing Media Relevance
     Cheng-Ta Yang, Wen-Sheng Chang, Fan-Ning Cheng, and Wei-Guang Teng For full article CEPS
5. Mining Sequential Association Rules Efficiently by Using Prefix Projected Databases
     Yi-Chun Chen and Guanling Lee For full article CEPS
6. Mining Spatial-Temporal Movement Profile of Mobile Users for Social-Aware Applications
    Po-Ruey Lei and Ing-Jiunn Su For full article CEPS

Regular Section

7. Novel Non-expanded Visual Cryptography Scheme with Block Encoding
   Yi-Jing Huang, Chih-Chiang Lee, Hsien-Chu Wu, Jun-Dong Chang, Chwei-Shyong Tsai, and Ya-Ting Tsao For full article CEPS
8. Safeguarding Visual Information using (t, n) Verifiable Secret Shares
  Chin-Chen Chang, Chia-Chen Lin, Huynh Ngoc Tu For full article CEPS