JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS     Vol.23  No.1 April 2012


1. Fair and Practical Electronic Transaction Scheme for Privacy-Protection Policy without Trusted Third Party based on Random  Oracle Model

    Hong-Feng Zhu, Tian-Hua Liu, and Jeng-Shyang Pan For full article CEPS

2. Evaluation of MTA Learning Achievement based on Rule-space Model and Relevance Feedback with e-Learning

    Yung-Hui Chen For full article CEPS

3. Study on Web Users Loyalty Effected by Different Computer Expertise Levels

     Tracy T. H. Tsai, Arthur J. Lin, and Kai-Yi Chin For full article CEPS

4. A Study on ISMS Policy: Importing Personal Data Protection of ISMS

    Chien-Cheng Huang, Kwo-Jean Farn, and Frank Yeong-Sung Lin For full article CEPS

5.  Research on an Area Coverage Algorithm in the Monitoring System of Metro Transportation based on Wireless Sensor Network

    Xin-Lei Jin, Zhen-Jiang Zhang, Yun Liu, and Zi-Yao Cheng For full article CEPS

6.  Estimating Security Risk for Web Applications using Security Vectors

   Hui Guan, Wei-Ru Chen, Lin Liu, and Hong-Ji Yang For full article CEPS