April 25, 2018

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Welcome to 2009 National Computer Symposium

National Computer Symposium,NCS) is a historical, representative national computer symposium.It has been 33 years since the establishment of Computer Society of The Republic of China.It provides a great place for taian academia and computer-related industries to communicate with each other.It's honorable that National Taipei University is sponsed by Ministry of Education and Computer Society of The Republic of China and host the symposium this year.Our spirit is 『peaceful care, humanity technology, creative superiority』.This symposium will invite many people to have speeches, including Office of the President Senior Ministor Chia-Tung Lee, National Science Council Professor Liao Hong-Yuan,IEEE Fellow Professor Hsu Chien Ping, Institute for Information Industry dean Chang Chia Hsiang.And Taiwan Network Information Center also proceed many subject speeches.Computer Society of The Republic of China hold annual meetings and activities.There will be 400 papers pubished in the symposium,the amount of registration people is 470.

Time:2009 Nov. 27th(Friday) - Nov. 28th(Saturday)
Location:National Taipei University San Shia Campus Business Building