February 22, 2018

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Galaxy Software Service『Vitals/KM Information Management System』won『2010 Taiwan Exellence』

Thank you for the support to Galaxy Software Services Corporation these years, GSS『Vitals/KM Information System』won『2010 Taiwan Exellent』prize, and is one of the three software products who won the prize, it shows completeness, international capability in architecture of all domestic information products!

The with the characteristic of Web 2.0 enable the users to deeply participate in it. It achieves the goal of share and inherit knowledge by saving knlowledge as organization's property in every day life.

it improves traditional file management mode, provides easier document relation and discussion, and construct a exellent  internet environment. So as to promote the knowledge quality; It also promotes the organization's productivity, non-paper information by highly efficient document search ability, easy and multi-dimentional classification, Tagging, sophisticated multi-language full text search, and auto matching of document versions.This system supports simplified/traditional chinese, english, japanese and is the best tool to collect information for enterprises to make them sustainable.

The  is the system developed and designed by GSS for knowledge workers to deal with daily business and to promote the meeting effeciency. This system is easy to use to let the tracking and waiting events not be losted. Everything will be reserved automatically. Meeting is not a nightmare anymore and it  promotes the efficiency of oranization's execution and contributes much to energy conservation.