Content of 2008 Scholarship of Computer Society of The Republic of China:
(Organizers:Paper Committee,Scholarship Examination Committee Co-organiers:Financial Committee,Secretary Group.)
一、.In order to reward researches of computer hardware and software of superior university students and graduate students,scholarship methods are established.
二、.Name of scholarship,amount of prizemans of scholarship, amount of money of scholarship
1.Graduate school student:5~10 people,each for 15000 N.T dollars.
2.University student:6~12 people;each for 12000 N.T dollars.
3.Each kind of scholarship of graduate and university student will be held annually, and prizewinner will be rewarded in the annual meeting.
三、Each kind of scholarship is sponsored by group members and the list of prizewinner will be sent to our society before the end of Decemb
四、Application Form:
1.Graduate school student:Candidates for doctor's degree or graduate school secondgrade students of information- related departments of domestic universities.
2.University student:Senior students of information-related departments of domestic universities.
3.The average score of first semester of each students above must be more than or equal 80, and the average score of primary subjects must be more than or equal 85.
五、Method to apply for scholarship
1.Publish by our society in the newspaper or by mail to universities to recommand students.
2.University have to mail letters with application form filled by student and his annual academic records to our society before the deadline.
3.Only one student is allowed for each university to apply for scholarship.
六、Deadline: 25th Dec. each year
七、Examination:Examined by our scholarship examination committee and checked by general committee
八、This method works after being checked by assembly of council and supervisory committee.