JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS     Vol.20  No.4     January 2010



1. A Small-World Key Management for Wireless Sensor Networks

     Yung-Tsung Hou, Chia-Mei Chen, and Bingchiang Jeng

2. Fault-Tolerant Cellular IP with Multiple Gateways

     Chia-Ho Ou, Kuo-Feng Ssu, and Wen-Jia Zhang

3. BBQ - A Simple and Effective Approach to Backward Branch Predictions for Embedded Processors

     Lei Wang and Qiong-Xian Zeng

4. A Modification of VQ Index Table for Data Embedding and Lossless Indices Recovery

     Zhi-Hui Wang, Chin-Chen Chang, Kuo-Nan Chen, and Ming-Chu Li

5. Improved Lossless Data Hiding Mechanisms based on Block-based Hiding Algorithm, Double Hiding Strategy and Variable Control Technique

     Tzu-Chuen Lu and Ying-Hsuan Hua

6. HSV-based Color Texture Image Classification using Wavelet Transform and Motif Patterns

    Jun-Dong Chang, Shyr-Shen Yu, Hong-Hao Chen, and Chwei-Shyong Tsai